Band Boosters
Exec Board

The Executive Board or Committee is made up of the Band Booster officers and the Director of Bands. Per the Rochester Band Booster's ByLaws, the Band Booster's officers are the President, President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. So what do each of the officers do?

The President, with the assistance of the Executive Board, provides the strategic direction for the Band Booster program. The President is responsible for communicating the Band Booster message to the membership, the students and the staff of the Rochester school district. He or she appoints the committee chairpersons, supports committee decisions to attain their goals and participates as an ex-officio member of all committees. The President coordinates and runs the monthly Band Booster meetings.
The current President is Mrs. Laura Roberts.

The President Elect performs the duties of the President in his or her absence and acts in an advisory capacity at all times. The President Elect will chair both the Music Department Trip Committee and the Nominating Committee. He or she is also responsible for arranging volunteers for the parades, football performances and Band Day. This position is a 2 year commitment, the first year serving as President Elect and then becoming the President in the 2nd year.
The current President Elect is Mrs. Katie Staley

The Secretary keeps the minutes of all Band Booster meetings and makes them available to the membership. The Secretary also maintains the Band Booster website.
The current Secretary is Mrs. Julie Pfeifer.

The Treasurer is responsible for the Band Booster's financial transactions. He or she receives all monies, disburses funds, issues receipts, makes deposits and maintains financial records. The Treasurer is also responsible for all financial reporting for the Band Boosters. He or she will work with the rest of the Executive Board to propose an annual budget and once approved by membership will track it to actuals throughout the year.
The current Treasurer is Mrs. Brenda Will