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Mr. Jones- Teacher Introduction Video 2018/2019

Rochester Fine Arts Proposed Schedule of Events 2019-2020


End of Year Video Link for Rochester High School



Congratulations to the following 19 students for being selected to the 2019 All-State Music Festival

Lauren Carley-eng horn/oboe

Meghan Hawkshaw- piccolo/flute

Kathryn Carley-Euphonium

Mitch Ashbaugh-All State Choir

Oliver Brand- Honors Choir

Brett Callahan-Honors Choir

Audra Liniger-Honors Choir

Colton Mitchell-Honors Choir

Ryan O'Dell-All-State Choir

Dane Paige-Honors Choir

Grace Anne Prince-All-State Choir

Josh Ratsch-Honors Choir

Maddy Richards-Honors Choir

Elodie Rowley-All-State Choir

Josi Schmedeke-All-State Choir

Jacob Western-All-State Choir

Ace White-All State Choir

Grayson Hatch- All State Vocal Jazz

Eli Sadler-Future Music Educator 





Rochester Bands