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The "Pride of Rochester....
 ......its Bands!


Mr. Jones- Teacher Introduction Video 2018/2019

Rochester Fine Arts Proposed Schedule of Events 2019-2020

Marching Rockets Summer Supply Order Form (passed out in class, but here's a copy if it didn't make it home. Due by end of school!

End of Year Video Link for Rochester High School



Congratulations to the following 19 students for being selected to the 2019 All-State Music Festival

Lauren Carley-eng horn/oboe

Meghan Hawkshaw- piccolo/flute

Kathryn Carley-Euphonium

Mitch Ashbaugh-All State Choir

Oliver Brand- Honors Choir

Brett Callahan-Honors Choir

Audra Liniger-Honors Choir

Colton Mitchell-Honors Choir

Ryan O'Dell-All-State Choir

Dane Paige-Honors Choir

Grace Anne Prince-All-State Choir

Josh Ratsch-Honors Choir

Maddy Richards-Honors Choir

Elodie Rowley-All-State Choir

Josi Schmedeke-All-State Choir

Jacob Western-All-State Choir

Ace White-All State Choir

Grayson Hatch- All State Vocal Jazz

Eli Sadler-Future Music Educator 


Band Booster Pizza Fundraiser Order Form- Spring 2019

Band Booster Pizza Sales Info for Parents





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