Music Tech Tools

Here are some cool links to technology to help you improve your skills as a musician.  Check them out!

Shed the Music.... great supplimental online resource...contains lessons, practice activities for harmony, melody, rhythm, and jazz.

Music Tech Teacher Web Page- fun games and activities 

NotateMe - new music notation app for iphone, android, or google play store- reads your written notation and transcribes, scanning features, etc.

Wild World of Music- Guide to 100 musical instruments

Arbans Method- useful online tips and articles helpful for young musicians

Brass Trainer - great site for practicing trumpet/trombone/baritone/tuba fingerings

Rhythm Trainer - good listening skills and rhythmic recognition practice

Music Theory - free online music theory lessons, exercises, and resources

Rhythm Reader - put rhythms from your music in to the website and it will demonstrate how to play

Sight-reading Practice - great resource for increasing music reading skills