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Course Description:

Jr. High Chorus is a non-auditioned mixed vocal ensemble open to students in 7th and 8th grades.  Chorus is an elective curricular class and meets every day. 

In Jr. High Chorus students focus on the basics of healthy vocal production, music reading, and choral & solo singing skills.  Students are exposed to a wide variety of vocal literature covering a large array of styles, languages, and cultures.  Emphasis is placed on daily participation and concert performance.  Students are expected to bring a positive attitude, give 100% effort, and strive to improve upon their natural musical abilities.   

JH Chorus Video Corner.
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Question - What does acappella mean? 

Mario Bros. A Cappella Live!



SEMA Solo & Ensemble Information is in the GREEN link above.  Signup forms & payment is due Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019.  

Course Objectives:

1.) Students will develop personal vocal singing skills and healthful vocal techniques.
2.) Students will discover what it is to sing as an ensemble and develop ensemble singing skills including harmony singing, blending, and balance.
3.) Students will develop beginning choral music-reading skills and learn to sight-sing using solfege syllables and rhythm counting systems.
4.) Students will study a variety of music of many styles, genres, cultures, languages, and historical periods.
5.) Students will develop a sense of belonging and accomplishment.
6.) Students will have fun and develop a life-long love of singing and singing together. 

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