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Course Description:
Music Theory III is for advanced senior students in music theory who have completed Music Theory II with an A or B average and who intend to study music or music theory in college.
Students in Theory III work independently through several chapters of a college-level theory textbook as they prepare for college music study. 
Students also complete 4 composition projects throughout the course, and will assist in teaching the lower level Music Theory Classes.

Course Objectives:

1.) Students will learn how to analyze, create, and compose seventh chords contextually in music and within a tonal harmonic progression.
2.) Students will learn to create, analyze, and use secondary dominant and secondary leading tone chords contextually in music.
3.) Students will learn a variety of modulatory techniques including common chord, common tone, direct, and sequential modulation, and apply each to composition.
4.) Students will learn to create, analyze, and use several advanced chords contextually in music, including the Neapolitan chord and Augmented Sixth chords.
5.) Students will create four original works of music, including at least one movement of a larger form work such as a symphony or sonata.  
6.) Students will continue to develop their aural skills through daily exercises and drills.
7.) Students will help teach Theory I and II students.
8.) Students will develop the organizational skills and self-motivation needed for success in a college-level independent study course.