Welcome to Mr. Spear's Recording Class!
Class Syllabus and any Class Handouts.
Class Materials:
* folder with pockets or 3-ring binder.
* loose leaf paper (10-15 sheets)
* a pen or pencil

These materials should be obtained within the first 3 days of class.  During the course students will also need the following materials:

* Posterboard (1 Sheet)
* Music from Home (CD, IPod, mp3 player, etc.)

Fun Audio Class Links:

Dangerous Decibels

Course Description:
Recording is a 9 Weeks Elective Course for 7th and 8th Grade students.  Recording meets for 42 minutes toward the end of the school day.  Students study a variety of topics in sound recording.  The class is hands-on and fun.  Emphasis is on participation and skill building.

Course Objectives:

In this course, students learn:
* The Basics of Sound Physics and Wave Properties
* How Dynamic and Condenser Microphones work
* How to Speak Using a Microphone
* How to Use a Mixing Console
* How Speakers, and Amplifiers Work
* How to Assemble a Sound System
* How Digital Recording Works
* How to Properly Care for Sound Equipment
* How to Create CD Recordings
* How to Use Computer Software to Capture and Edit Digital
   Audio Files

What Is Sound?